Friday, 21 March 2014

Mid Atlantic antics.

These are a few pics of the great time we’re enjoying on board “Ventura” as we sail serenely across the Atlantic.  The sea has been amazingly calm all the way so far so its a very calm atmosphere aboard.


We’ve enjoyed dressing up a couple of times for dinner so far – James going for vivid pink instead of the usual understated pale version on this occasion.


The shows by the “Headliner” theatre company are as good as ever……..


…….. with time left after the show to enjoy a drink and live music with friends Nigel and Michele.


Doug and Michele have managed to get some dancing in as well……….


and the fabulous sunsets provide a great backdrop to an evening drink on the terrace with Nigel and Michele before dinner.


Part of last night’s “Headliners” show had the undivided attention of the ladies (and some of the men!) doing the Full Monty - then it was down to the nightclub ………


……… for a terrific performance by American singer Jeff Dingle as Bruno Mars.


A lot of us were up dancing to Jeff’s great voice – and here’s Doug pretending to be a babe-magnet!


Here’s a brilliant member of staff, Laurie, who works very hard hosting our daily deck quoits and shuffle board competitions and who scrubs up very well for his evening duties.


As yesterday evening in the nightclub moved on Doug and Laurie (centre) lead us in doing  “Whigfield” and the “Macerana” ……. and, in doing so, had a little bit of an accident ………


……. and ended up with a very painful twisted knee! Oh well – all in the course of enjoyment!

We’ve another two days at sea before reaching Madeira.  We enjoy spotting the flying fish, which fly a surprisingly long way before returning to their proper environment but no dolphins of whales so far.

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