Sunday, 23 March 2014

Sun, Sea and G & T.

Life on board ship goes on apace – we’ll be in Madeira tomorrow morning after some 3000 miles and six days at sea.  There’s been plenty to do: shuffle board and deck quoits included of course! We’ve indulged in an hour or so of sunshine every day and James is as brown as a berry but still continues to get lost on board!


We continue to get wonderful towel arrangements by Alberto, our cabin steward, who also (without asking) keeps us topped up with ice and lemon for our pre dinner gin and tonic.

We had an exhibition and demonstration of the ships “workings” in the atrium yesterday…….


….. the vegetable and fruit carving demo was a wonder to behold……


……. and the finished articles were amazing……..


……. sorry about the picture quality!


James was best interested in the mechanics of course – this is one of the engine pistons on display (there’s a pair of spectacles on top for a size comparison) and here are a few facts for the technically minded:-

Ventura weighs 116,000 tons (same as 95,000 cars) and is as long as 3 football pitches.

She carries 3.2 million litres of fuel and, at 20 mph, she moves 14 feet for each litre used. For the 3 weeks that we’re on board she will use $1.5 million of fuel.


You don’t get many of the ship’s propellers to the ton!


We’ve also been to 2 wine tasting lectures by the ship’s sommelier. Attending with our friend Michele we learnt a lot about the choosing of wine (and how best to consume the stuff!) and it became a great responsibility to then taste all the wines and consume all the nibbles – so much so that we forgot to take a photo of the proceedings, so here’s one of the aftermath.  Madeira here we come!

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