Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Madeira Mooch

We arrived in Funchal, Madeira early on Sunday morning.  Although the ship was to set sail at 4 pm we had a very pleasant and relaxing few hours in the town – spending a bit of time looking the around the older parts.


Firstly, a bit more “ship talk” for the technically minded: “Ventura’s” 6 engines produce a total of 91,000 hp (same as 1000 cars). The ship has two propellers each driven by a 20,000 hp electric motor. She has three thrusters at the bow and three at the stern which can turn the ship on a sixpence – we’ve seen it happen at one of the ports and it’s quite spectacular.  The ship’s atrium (above) has a great atmosphere and is used in the evening for dancing (strangely, this huge ship doesn’t have a proper ballroom)


Arriving at Funchal was bit weird for us as we were here only 3 weeks ago on the “Oriana”.


The narrow streets of the old town are lovely to walk around – loads of cafes and restaurants.


Funchal has a great feel about it with the occasional views up the mountain side from the streets.


The main street is wide with lovely buildings and lots of trees.


It was very hot on Monday and many of the narrow streets of the old town provided some shade for us.


After a good mooch around the town (and sitting around in cafes talking to crew members who also had a few hours ashore) we made our way back to the ship (Doug still limping with his gammy knee!)  …….


…….. to enjoy the regular sail away party and much needed cocktail. It’s a bit difficult to see in this pic where the ship ends and Funchal begins!

Today (Monday) the ship is doing a brisk 20 knots and heading for the Straights of Gibraltar, which we’ll pass through at 10 o’ clock tonight.  Then it’s on to Malaga for the first of our Mediterranean ports of call. 

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  1. I love reading your blog, you two certainly get about. I am sitting here full of cold and dreaming of that nice warm sunshine!