Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Wash Day Blues

The lack of blogging has been partly due to computer trouble – Doug has, very cleverly, fixed it now (James would have aimed it at great force!)

On Saturday we were delighted to have a visit from Kevin, a friend from Sussex, who was keen to see ‘Chance’ for the first time.  We had a great afternoon with him and he’s very keen to join us for a little cruise at some time.
On Sunday morning we met up with Jane and Derek, our cruise friends from the “Oriana”, and their son Carlo for brunch at Giraffe on the South Bank.
The “terrible two” with their Giraffe balloons!
Jane and ‘her boys’ – Carlo, Derek, Doug and James enjoying the fab London sunshine.
Monday morning saw us leaving Paddington Basin after a terrific week end in London. Having rather a hectic last afternoon and evening, we sadly weren’t able to catch up with Neil and Kath on nb ‘Herbie’ who found a mooring right next to us on Sunday afternoon. (They’ve sussed us out pretty accurately if you read their own blog entry!!!!)
Anyway, travelling back to Packet Boat marina Doug did a couple of loads of washing and, taking advantage of the lovely weather, he put it out to dry on the front deck.
Luckily, while James was steering, he saw the washing and the airer ‘sail’ over the side and into the water at the front!  With great aplomb and lightning reaction (and steering with his feet!) he used all his 6’ 4”, stretched over the side and caught it all as it floated past the stern.  Oh well -it’s all part of the joy of boating!
As we neared Bull’s Bridge junction we saw more work materiel for the on-going tow path improvements being taken up the canal by this huge barge and little push tug.
Just a quick “action shot” as we pass under the bridge and head north on the Grand Union towards Packet Boat marina and home.
We now have a few days in Selsey to get sorted and straight before we put more wear and tear on our suit cases again.

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  1. Very clever idea to use the canal for the washing. Saves a lot of electricity and washing powder ;O)). Be careful to use the propeller as spin dryer. I remember the "nice" situation with the burka ;O)). Take care, love Birgit