Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The “Hi Life” comes to an end.

Our last two days on board “Ventura” have been no less fabulous than any of the others.  This is just a taster of what’s been going on …….


……. we’ve had just a little bit of rough seas which is best demonstrated by the swimming pools!


Fenney, one of delightful table waiters, has continued to look after our every need (well almost!)


We’ve celebrated our friend Nigel’s birthday with a couple of bottles of Champagne before dinner ………


…….. and then Doug accompanied Michele for a dance (his knee has now improved enough to withstand the punishment) ……….


……. and then the birthday celebrations finished with the four of us going to see the excellent Elton John tribute act. Michele (with no prior warning!) was asked to accompany him with “Don’t go breaking my heart”.  The two of them brought the house down with a brilliant performance and we’re still in shock!


After the Elton John experience we met up with ‘cruise buddy’, Graham, which took us into the early hours of the morning (again!).


On Monday we docked in Toulon – which was not remarkable for anything, except a submarine lurking in the harbour as we left, so we’ll skip on to better things …..


….. like the wonderful sunsets which continue to to enthral some of us each evening.


Today was a most exceptional day, as we docked in Monte Carlo as the last port of call in our cruise and first visit to the Principality.


Initially we took a tour bus to get our bearings – everything seems to be exceptional in Monte Carlo even to the point of forests on the roofs.


The casino was to prove lucrative a bit later in the day!


The ship looks monstrous against everything else in the harbour …….


…….. even some of the enormous yachts we saw.


The changing of the guard at the palace was a bit “frugal” compared to Buckingham Palace.


A wonderfully sunny day and overlooking the harbour from the rock on which the palace stands gave us great views across Monte Carlo.


Down to the casino and Doug has the pick of the cars outside!


We also had a quick peep in the Hotel du Paris (without getting caught!)


Super cars are ten a penny outside the casino!……


….. and who should we meet up with at the casino but DJ David and Laurie from the Entertainment team who joined Doug for a quick flutter.  When they came out they were (miraculously) a few hundred Euros heavier!

Well – Monte Carlo was all it was cracked up to be and more.  We’ve had a fab day and a fab cruise. Tomorrow we’ll be in Genoa and ready to catch the plane back home.  All good things come to an end!

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