Friday, 15 November 2013

Dame Edna and a ‘Monumental’ day.

On our way to our date with Dane Edna Everage yesterday evening we took the bus and enjoyed this years’ Christmas lights for the first time:-


The brilliantly lit Selfridges store in Oxford Street.


Oxford Street (taken through the front window of the bus).


Getting off the bus we walked the rest of the way to the London Palladium.  This is (the very busy) Regents Street with it's twinkly antler lights.


Nearly at the Palladium, Liberty's store was very impressive.


We got seated and ready for the performance at 7:30 – before the show started we were able to carefully study Sir Les Patterson’s back yard – especially shipped from Oz for the show!  This was only the second night of the show and was pretty much a sell out.


During the interval we had a wander around the building – it’s a fabulous theatre.  The first half of the show, with Sir Les and several other ‘characters’, was brilliant with the audience in complete hysterics.


Towards the end of the show Dame Edna provided the audience with “gladdies” (which were to be held erect!).  She gave a superb performance with political correctness refreshingly absent. The second half was funnier than the first half if that’s possible.


At the end of the show (after an impressively quick costume change) Barry Humphries appeared as himself and spoke movingly to the audience of his feelings about retiring and hanging up all his frocks after this run.  We have to say that if anyone enjoys ‘Dame Edna’ then this show is an absolute must – you wont get another chance.  Get your tickets!


To end a brilliant evening we had the most wonderful surprise when we got to “Compton's” for a drink.  Our friend Adrian, on business in the capital, guessed we’d be there and joined us for a drink or two.  It was a great end to a great day yesterday – thanks Adrian.

Today we went to the Pudding Lane area of the city to take a climb up the Monument to the Great Fire of London in 1666.


The fire burnt for three days, devastating 436 acres of the city and consumed over 13,000 houses and hundreds of other buildings including many many churches.  Designed by Sir Christopher Wren there’s a 311 step spiral staircase to the top ………


…….. where you get a great view of the city – and James seems to be much better at heights than he used to be!


It was a great day for viewing,  with clear and sunny conditions.


After the Monument we went across the road to see the Church of St Magnus the Martyr.  It’s a lovely church which was severely bomb damaged  in 1940 and suffered further fire damage in 1995 - lovingly restored in both cases.


The inside is very pretty……….


……… and houses a beautiful model of Old London Bridge as it was circa 1400.  The churchyard of St Magnus formed part of the approach road to Old London Bridge (1176 – 1831)

The rest of our day was spent mooching around Islington and Kings Cross and generally having another interesting and brilliant day.


Just as an ‘aside’,  the depth of the Northern Line of the underground is amazing – this is one of the two elevators at Angel which get you to the platforms!

Tonight we are off again into town, to enjoy a busy Friday night!!


  1. I had the pleasure of having dinner with Barry Humphries and a couple of friends many many years ago. I can honestly say it was by far and away one of the most interesting and entertaining evenings I've ever had! He is indeed a true gentleman.


  2. Hi Paula. Wow what an experience that must have been! He really was so much better on stage than he has been on TV recently, in the second half as Dame Edna he had no script and for an hour just made us all laugh talking and making fun of the first two rows of the audience, he was so quick witted, unbelievable!