Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Home James and don’t spare the horses!

We left Paddington Basin this morning to return ‘Chance’ to Packet Boat marina and get ourselves back to Sussex.  We’ve had six brilliant days in London, a few very late nights (and mornings!), we’ve seen much and met some interesting people.  What could be better, …………..


………. apart from getting the engine started, heading for a three point turn at the end of the basin ……………..


…………. and heading out onto open water (well, imagination can be useful sometimes).


Little Venice was peaceful and looked very attractive with the last of the foliage.


Although it was sunny the cold was pretty raw for James on the back off the boat so a supply of hot mulled wine made all the difference!


They say we should never assume, and we thought we might have the canal to ourselves on a very cold November Tuesday, and although these were the only two boats we saw, the canal took on quite a busy appearance at this one spot.


Further along the Paddington Arm we got this photo (which we didn’t manage to get last time just after the storm) of this very large tree which just missed the boat in front but caught the one behind!


Turning onto the Grand Union Canal at Bulls Bridge, it was Doug’s turn on the tiller (after getting all the packing up done) while James started the clean down of the boat.  It got his circulation going again after 3 hours at the stern and also saved us some time when we got back to the marina.

With ‘Chance’ semi-wintered for the next month and the car loaded, we had a slowish journey in the rush hour back to Sussex (it made us very appreciative that we don’t have to experience it every day).


Our purchase of Trappers hats in the spring seemed a bit superfluous at the time but they came into there own for the first time today.  We couldn’t have been luckier with the weather this last week so we’re really not complaining about a little 4 1/2 hour trip in the cold back from Paddington.

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