Saturday, 23 November 2013

Perfect party in the pub!

Last evening we took Olly to our favourite Indian restaurant in the village to join friends Philip and Neil for a meal.


Olly, Phillip, Neil and Doug enjoying after dinner drinks at the New Asian Spice – after which we popped across the road to The Seal pub  ………..


……. where we were delighted to find more local friends Andrea and Ally and Nancy and Zoe.  One wonders what story Olly was telling Doug as Andrea and Ally are definitely finding something funny.


Nancy, a very talented canine artist, and Philip both in a fit of hysteria.


We were delighted to meet Chris for the first time last night – here he is with Zoe.


Zoe tried hard with this shot to accentuate the height difference between Doug and James – pretty good attempt Zoe!  Nancy is determined not to be left out!


Doug, Nancy, James and Phillip – it was impossible to find a straight face during the evening, even for a second


More smiles from Olly, Ally, Doug and Nancy.


A rose but certainly not two thorns – Phillip with Zoe and Nancy.

Well – our impromptu party in the pub was a real hoot and it was brilliant to catch up with so many friends in one go.  A fine but late evening was had by everyone.  Thanks guys and girls for the pleasure of your company and nice to meet you Chris.

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