Friday, 22 November 2013

Entertaining at home!

James now has temporary crowns on two teeth while he waits for the proper ones in a weeks time.  Choosing to go private for what will be quite a bit of restoration work, it’s going to eat up all his pocket money for the foreseeable future.  With laser eye surgery also planned for early next year it’s a bit like trying to keep an old car on the road!

Changing to a much more interesting subject, yesterday evening we were delighted when Ollie (from nb Queen Maeve), who we cruised with for a while in the summer, arrived to stay with us for a couple of days.


Last evening we enjoyed a marvellous steak and kidney pudding with dauphinois potatoes and vegetables followed by lemon parfait in brandy snap baskets drizzled with raspberry coulis - all produced by Doug.  With enough Shiraz and Rioja to float a boat, all of us passed the evening with great ease.  (James did all the clearing away!) 


After a very late night (3 o’ clock in the morning!) We took a much needed walk to the village High Street, taking the long route along the beach there and back.


On the way back the sunset from the bottom of the road looking towards the Isle of Wight was its usual splendid self.


In contrast the view in the opposite direction at the same time could have been in a different part of the country.  It was from this beach that they launched some of the Mulberry Harbours, used for the D Day landings, during the Second World War.  It’s hard to imagine such action then when we enjoy such tranquillity here these days.

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