Saturday, 2 November 2013

With next year’s cruising in mind ……..

With our feet on firmer ground at the moment we’ve busied ourselves over the last few days with some boring domestics, and we already have plans in place to meet up with some friends and family in the next couple of weeks.


Thinking about Christmas, and next year on the boat, we need to plan for a good supply of sloe gin (for entertainment purposes of course!) so, in the very windy conditions we’re experiencing here today, we went over to nearby Pagham Harbour to pick sloes.


Back home it didn’t take too long to remove the stalks  ……….


………. glug in a litre or so of cheap gin ………..


……….chuck in a load of sugar ……………


……….. and put the top on.  There’s not much to it at this stage – just leave it in the cupboard until Christmas then strain off the liquor and add more sugar to taste if you want.  The important ingredients though, at this stage, is to have at hand a large glass of very good Rioja, some marinated olives (both of which the observant will have noticed already!) and the wind howling a gale outside for a bit of winter atmosphere.  Hopefully, with all this, it will be a good vintage to share with our boatie friends and guests next year. 


  1. I hope you are shaking that sloe gin every day!!!!
    Pip xxx

  2. Spotted the olives but was a bit sloe spotting the Rioja :-)

  3. I think you're gonna have to go and pick some more - Ian and Irene have got fifteen bottles. We've got two sweet jars ready but can't find any sloes

  4. Hope there's a glass going for us ;) I've actually never tried sloe gin before?????!! hope ur both well x

  5. want to reserve one glass for German girl Birgit ;O)) I only got them without any Gin uuggsss ;O((