Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The end of Shore Leave.

On Sunday afternoon we hoped to have a BBQ in the garden with our neighbours, Nigel and Michelle, but it was so hot  they kindly offered their garden which had more shade.  We had a splendid afternoon with them, so much so that we forgot to take any photos……..


…… here’s one the next morning!  Nigel, Michelle and Doug making a good effort to mask the after effects of the day before! (No, not really).  We later spent some time with friends Ann and John which brought to an end our very brief few days at home.


On Tuesday, after a good journey from Chichester, we arrived at Denham Marina in Uxbridge where we’d left ‘Chance’.  We topped up with fuel and took on water before making our way back towards London.


We had just one lock at Cowley to negotiate where we had some willing volunteers to help which was very handy.


We made our way to the Slough Arm where we’d arranged to meet up with James and Debbie on ‘Lois Jane’ who had very kindly invited us to dinner with them (as it was our first day back on the cut after such a long time away!). We turned into the arm and who was moored up but Sue and Vic on ‘No Problem’!  It was a quick “hello” and we promised to walk back and see them after we’d moored up.


The weed got thicker and thicker as we approached James and Debbie, who were moored 1/3 mile further on.  When we stopped we realised we’d been pushing a mass of blanket weed.


Never mind, it was “hello, how are you” and a glass of white wine and then ………..


…….. a quick walk back to Sue and Vic for one of those boaters ‘catch-up chats’ (with another glass of wine and some nibbles).  It was nice to have some time with them so unexpectedly.


Back where the weed was thick we joined James and Debbie again and had a wonderful dinner of Sea Bass with linguine and fresh fruit salad.  Thanks so much James and Debbie – we’re in your debt!

This morning we left the Slough Arm to re join the main line Grand Union to head to London.  A decision was made to reverse the 1/3 mile rather than to risk going another mile to the winding hole and getting stuck in the increasingly dense weed.  Well, to cut a long story to a more reasonable length, confidence is the feeling you have before you know better!


After several excursions, by James, into the weed hatch to clear the prop and after much swearing and cussing and polling, dear Sue and Vic came to the rescue and helped to bow haul us to clear water.


Perhaps we should invest in a horse - it would be simpler s0me times!   Thanks so much Sue and Vic! and hope to meet up again soon.

After this much needed help we were soon back on the main branch and making good progress towards the Paddington Arm, its so lovely to be back on Chance and cruising again!


  1. My goodness, the weed is getting bad!
    When we moored down the Slough arm we perfected a way of dealing with the weed - I sat on the bow like some latter day figurehead, boat pole in hand, pushing weed aside while Neil slowly motored along. Hard work but it worked.
    Kath (nb Herbie)

  2. New neighbors, new scenery, new activities, it looks like every day living along the rivers and canals is a new adventure. How fun!