Thursday, 18 July 2013

Meeting mates at Marsworth

We had a walk into Berkhamsted town centre this morning before getting underway at 11 o’ clock.


Found this lovely back street as we walked into town.


Just an update on the lock conditions reported yesterday – the brickwork in some locks is in poor condition.


Getting onto the Tring Summit we noticed the water level was down about a foot. This made progress quite slow on a few stretches with little water under the boat.  The cause of these low levels must be due to the sudden increase in boat traffic due to the IWA festival at Cassiobury Park.


Big thick bridges on the Tring summit.


The temperature are so high that even the trees are wilting!


Some very nice original canal buildings at Bulbourne.


Waiting for the top lock of the Marsworth Flight at Bulbourne Junction.   The Wendover Arm comes in under the bridge on the left.


We’ve travelled 38 miles since we got off the R. Thames at Brentford on Monday.


Some lovely canal scenes to be had along this stretch as we arrive in Marsworth where we find friends Jill and Graham on nb ‘Matilda Rose moored up just past this lovely cottage.


We just had to moor up for the evening to have a bit of a get to together with Jill and Graham.  Mutley, one of their two Tibetan Terriers, soon made himself at home on ‘Chance’!


Jill and Graham with Mutley and Baxter.  James really should keep his shirt done up until he’s lost some weight (and it won’t be starting tonight!)

The get together started about five minutes after getting the ropes tight with a superb offering by Graham of the last of his special brew.  More to follow!


Graham taking the drinks orders on Matilda Rose!

Tonight tonight we are all having an impromptu meal together.

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  1. Ur down the road from me!! Are u stopping long?xxx