Sunday, 7 July 2013

Party Time!

On Thursday, after leaving ‘Chance’, we caught the train at Victoria station for the trip back to Sussex.


You get a great view of Battersea Power Station from the train.  We believe all four chimneys are to be replaced as the originals are not sound.


After the excitement of things to see in Battersea (!), we must have gone to sleep as we soon arrived in Chichester in the late afternoon.


Yesterday we needed to use the car to pop into Chichester but the computer in the car said the rear nearside tyre pressure was low.  A quick stop at the tyre centre in the village to check pressures soon indicated we had a nail in the tyre, which was fixed immediately, bless them.


No you’re not seeing things!  The good chaps in the tyre centre try to do their best for everyone.


It was swelteringly hot in Chichester when we finally got there.  This is the old market cross with the spire of the cathedral behind.

Yesterday evening we thoroughly enjoyed what we’d returned home for – a “big” birthday party for friend Kerry, who lives close by with her husband Andrew.


It was a fittingly lavish and special ‘do’ for a very lovely girl.  The giant tepee marquee in the corner of the garden has evidently had local tongues wagging for the last few days.


Inside the marquee everything was beautifully presented for us.  The fire on the square plinth in the centre was lit later to keep us all warm – the smoke curled up and out of the top of the marquee.  All it needed was someone with a blanket and we could have sent smoke signals! 



Doug on the tennis court practising for Wimbledon (2033 probably!)


Cheers!   After a fabulous meal………….


……….. the candles and the fire were lit ……….


………. and, with Kerry and Andrew leading, we danced the night away. We had a thoroughly brilliant and wonderful evening.


Today, the hottest day of the  year, our beach at Selsey was packed!  We took this photo as we walked along the sea wall to have a cup of tea with friends Phillip and Neil ………….


………… and to have a quick spin in Neil’s new Aston Martin!  And guess what James wants for Christmas ( and guess what he’s not getting!)

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