Thursday, 25 July 2013

Au revoir “nb Waterlily”!

Last evenings’ meal with Neil and Pauline was very much enjoyed.  The company was brilliant and the food was first class.  We can join the growing band of boaters who rave about The Admiral Nelson at bridge 4 on the Braunston Lock Flight. It truly is a top restaurant at pub prices.


James, Pauline, Neil and Doug enjoying our first course on the lock side before going inside for the main.  The best meal out this year!


This morning saw a very sad farewell to two lovely people.  Quite by chance (as always!) we met Pauline and Neil on one of the tideway cruises a couple of weeks ago and we’ve had an absolute ball as we met up with them again and again in the last two weeks.  Good luck and safe cruising to you both, we will see you again and thank you so much for the super coffee-mocha cake which Pauline (Mrs Cupcake!) baked for us as a parting gift.


Our last glimpse of Braunston as we journey on – the lovely church spire sits proudly on the hill.


Leaving Braunston, the offside canal bank with its sheep nibbled grass ending at the waters’ edge in a higgledy piggledy line.  


Another photo to add to our library of unusual and beautiful craft.


The bridge (80?) which we passed under last time was virtually ready to collapse into the canal.  It has now been fully and beautifully rebuilt – it’s very pleasing to see.


Reaching Hilmorton Locks - we were out of our lock before the boat in the left hand lock (which was half way down when we arrived), such was the efficiency of Doug’s lock technique!


Not wishing to go much further, we moored at the bottom of the Hilmorton Flight.  This evening has cooed off nicely after a very hot afternoon.  The sun’s rays are streaming through the clouds now which is infinitely better for us than the searing heat and cloudless skies we’ve experienced lately.


  1. You guys can NEVER be allowed to stop cruising - you've livened the waterways no end with your sociability.

    So looking forward to meeting you again on the cut one day :-)

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  2. Awww Thanks Sue.... Hope we see you and Richard soon, think we might be heading back to London later this year? x

  3. Hi guys, we have just replied to your kind comment about Tess a couple of weeks ago - we have no idea when you wrote it, or whether you will automatically get notified of our reply, but it's there! Hope to see you this year but we're not planning to go to London till 2014