Tuesday, 23 July 2013

More ‘chance’ get togethers.

We left Cosgrove this morning at 10 o’ clock with the temperature threatening to be very intense today. 


Just off our mooring, and approaching Cosgrove Lock, we passed four very well restored working boats.  Is there a collective noun for a group of working boats?


Just out of Cosgrove, bridge no 65 is stunning in it’s design albeit now a little weathered with the stonework flaking badly.


Every now and then there’s something a bit unusual floating about.


After yesterday’s long lockless journey of about 10 miles from Fenny Stratford to Cosgrove we now had another 6 miles of open canal wending its way through the beautiful Northamptonshire  countryside.  The open vistas, with many fields in the throws of hay making, are magnificent.


The spill weirs along this stretch, built in the 1930’s, are tremendous structures in their own right and still in almost perfect condition.


We soon arrived at the flight of seven locks which raised us the 56 feet to the lovely setting of Stoke Bruerne.  We travelled up the flight with Liz and Roger on nb ‘Meander’.  Liz, who was being given a driving lesson by Roger further down the canal, was soon bringing ‘Meander’ in and out of the locks (all by herself) side by side with ‘Chance’.

We found a mooring (believe it or not) right next to Pauline and Neil on ‘Waterlily’.  Sorry guys, we aren’t stalking you!


With Neil and Pauline, and our new acquaintances Liz and Roger, we had a welcome drink at the Boat Inn.  We got talking to another boating couple, Ray and Natalie, who were visiting by car this time and the eight of us had a good time replenishing todays lost fluids.  Liz, Pauline, Natalie, Neil, James, Doug and Roger cooling down after a sizzling day on the cut.  (Ray behind the camera)


Later on in the evening, with Neil and Pauline, we enjoyed a takeaway Indian meal from the Spice of Bruerne.  Bang goes yet another proposed “dry day”! 

Our evening ended with a sudden shower of rain which had us all scuttling to our boats. By that time we were all fairly ready for bed.  A great end to another lovely day.

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  1. Hope you waved at Briar Rose as you went past!