Monday, 15 July 2013

Seventeen on the tidal Thames!

Saturday evening was spent wining and dining with the crews of a few of the other boats at the Cruising Association clubhouse at Limehouse marina.


Jan and Tony (Ayling), Karen and Martin (Aria), then on the far table Pauline and Neil (Waterlily) and Doug have a whale of a time and talking of the pending trip on Sunday.


Sunday dawns and after a relaxing morning the four boats are in Limehouse lock at 14:10 and out onto the river at 14:20!  Well wishers and crews that will follow later are lining the bridge to see us off.


Our journey up through the city (our third time in the last few weeks!) is our swansong for London, probably for this year.  Seventeen boats left the marina and we did make a pretty sight in our little convoy.  This picture shows ‘Doris Katia’, followed by ‘Castor’, September Morn’ and ‘Chance’ as we make our way towards the city.


We passed the famous and very old riverside pub “The Prospect of Whitby”.


A Dutch sailing barge spoils our chances of using the centre span of Tower Bridge.


The Clipper vessels are very big and very fast but don’t produce the biggest wake……….


……… these guys do!


Choppy but very exciting and not as busy as we’d expected on a sunny Sunday afternoon.


The Millennium (foot) Bridge.


Friends Adam and Adrian (nb ‘Briar Rose’) just happened to be having lunch on the riverside and were able to surprise us with a “we can see you!” telephone and they also took these two brilliant photos.


These beggars are very big and solid and they draw you to them if you’re not careful. (Kath we think of you every time we see one!)


All the way from Egypt.


James steers past the Palace of Westminster keeping well clear of the exclusion zone.


No wonder these things have a habit of sinking!


There’s some great bridge architecture ……….


……. again and again.


Finally, two hours 30 minutes after departing Limehouse we arrive at Thames Lock, Brentford.


Up through the Thames Lock and the gauging locks and we’re on our way up the Grand Union Canal.  ‘Chance’ is here with ‘Doris Katia’.


It might be Brentford but it could be in the middle of beautiful countryside.


Finally moored up for the night we gather at the nearest pub for some light refreshment and many packets of crisps (no food on Sundays).  Paul and Elaine from ‘Caxton’, Neil and Pauline from ‘Waterlily’, Doug, and Frances and Andrew from ‘Doris Katia’.

Thanks is again due to the wonderful arrangements made by Andrew and Frances for a great, great trip enjoyed by all seventeen crews.

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  1. I sorry Folks but that is dreadful. How could you possibly go through the wrong arch of Tower Bridge?

    Do enjoy your journey up north, look forward to seeing you next time, Medway?

    Kath: You can drive Indigo Dream any time, I am sure our gunwales will look nice with a yellow touch on them.