Thursday, 11 July 2013

Capital Walkabout.

We arrived in Paddington Basin yesterday afternoon to find just one mooring space left – lucky, lucky!IMG_1542

After getting settled we were soon having a drink with Jayne, Stephen and their son Thomas on ‘Dolce Far Niente’, who were moored further along.


Beggars can’t be choosers and the mooring we got was not the best but the view of the basin from the side hatch at night certainly is the best. (Photo taken when we got back from Soho!)   After a meal at Pizza Express and visiting a few bars.

This morning  we were able to take advantage of a vacancy left by a boat leaving the pontoons – and it happens to be next to Jayne and Stephen on ‘Dolce’.  We decided today, as we’ve slightly rearranged our schedule and given ourselves a full day in London, to just go where the mood takes us again.


It was destined to be a walking day and just round the corner from the basin we found the worlds press whipping themselves into a frenzy outside St Mary’s Hospital waiting for the Royal birth.


A nice walk along the side of Hyde Park and we were soon at Marble Arch and then it was off down Park Lane – past all the wonderful hotels………


………. and parked at the front of the Dorchester Hotel were these beauties.  The Lamborghini is a bit OTT on the colour (but James wouldn’t say no) and the yellow Zonda is certainly a rare beast. 


There were lots of pictures being taken.


The Dorchester is beautifully presented as always.


The shade of the London Plane trees was very welcome as we walked down Constitution Hill towards Buckingham Palace……….


………. where there always seems to be a band marching and playing.


We crossed the Thames to the Embankment………..


……….past Lambeth Palace……..


…….. back over the Thames via Lambeth Bridge where you can get a great view of the Houses of Parliament, Westminster Bridge and the London Eye.


We walked along the river side down to Vauxhall where we got the bus back to Paddington.  Waiting for the bus we couldn’t resist a photo of Vauxhall Bridge.  It’s a gem of bridge architecture, attractively painted and has huge golden statues between each of its arches.  In the background is the MI6 building.

This evening we hope to meet up with a friend from Bristol who happens to be in London to see a show.  So it might be quite a late night tonight!

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  1. A late night? NO... that doesn't sound like you guys!

    PS great paddy photo, I'd say from the lighting and reflection it was taken about 3am