Saturday, 6 April 2013

Thames Bliss–Day 2

After a walk around the village of Goring (very pretty) and then across the river to Streatley and back, we set off at 10:45 this morning – chilly but by the time we started the sun was out.


Goring Lock – the first of the day.


Some of the boat houses along the river bank are very grand – this one needs a bit of TLC.


A pensive looking Doug at the helm as we leave Wallingford.  The willow tree on the far right was the one we roped onto when we were on our previous boat ‘Spirit’ and the river went into flood and rose 5 1/2 feet overnight! We were there for 2 weeks – happy memories!


We were making great progress today until we were around Shillingford then James put the boat to ground on a sandbank!  Just shear stupidity and lack of concentration! (James writing this).  So, as James got us into the mess,  James had to get in the water and push.  So with Doug on the throttle and in reverse gear and James pushing like crazy, we eventually got free although it was very much touch and go and at one point we thought we’d be there for a lot longer.  Anyway, no harm done.


After that little setback we returned to a relaxing cruise,  having to resort to the sun lotion at one point, and we reached Abingdon about 4:30pm.


The approach to Abingdon is very pretty – but the water flow through the bridge required a bit more power from the engine to get us to the other side.  We’re now moored safely above the lock, ‘Chance’ is now washed down and all spick and span after today’s incident and James is having a lie down! 

We had another enjoyable day today and we might pop out for a drink in Abingdon this evening.  Tomorrow, we should reach Oxford (with a bit of luck and concentration!)

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