Tuesday, 23 April 2013

All of mile!

Today we’ve moved all of a mile from Bradford-on-Avon but before we did we walked down the short distance from the canal to have a look around this very beautiful town.


The approach from the canal gives an indication as to some of the architecture.  The K and A canal was started in Bradford-on-Avon with the first turf being cut in 1794.


On the 14th century bridge over the River Avon is this chapel which later became a lock up for the naughty – there’s a lovely golden fish on the weathervane on the top which we’ve missed off the photo (sorry).


The setting for this medieval town is lovely with the River Avon running through.


Some of the side streets (this one is The Shambles) are very atmospheric.


The one big problem is the traffic!  It’s never ending and, unfortunately, spoils much of the enjoyment.  Walking normally on the pavement at the corner of this bridge James was nearly run over by an articulated lorry cutting across. This lovely town so desperately needs a by pass but sadly won’t get one.


This magnificent old pub has settled into a character all of it’s own.


We did the mile journey down to Avoncliff where we’d arranged to meet Craig (from last night) who kindly agreed to collect some chandlery from The Boatyard at Hilperton and bring down for ‘Autumn Myst’.  Our mooring is very nice – just on the approach to the aqueduct over the Avon.


Bless him, Craig arrived with the parts and Doug took him to the nearby “Cross Guns” pub for lunch while James got down into the engine bay for some much needed tidying up and a quick health check on all the mechanicals.  Joining Craig and Doug later, he took this shot of the truly lovely setting of Avoncliff  from the aqueduct.  Craig and Doug are sitting next to the river in the pub garden.


This is a better picture of them (some might say!) with the Avoncliff Aqueduct in the background.  Built by John Rennie, from Bath stone, it takes the K and A canal majestically over the Avon.

The fab. afternoon weather wise, Doug needing the suntan lotion yet again, this setting could not be bettered on this spring day.

Later this evening Bex and Craig are catching the train from Trowbridge to the station here in Avoncliff (only a tiny hamlet but it has train stop!) to join us in the The Cross Keys for its regular folk music evening on Tuesdays.   

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  1. Caroline and Martin24 April 2013 at 08:39

    You'd have been under water sitting at that table last year! It's our favourite getaway for a meal place. Enjoy, you certaily have the weather for it. We used to moor just after the swing bridge (no178) on the L near claverton further towards bath