Monday, 8 April 2013

Arrival of the “Harrods Boat”!!

We’ve had glorious sunshine here in Oxford today.  James has managed to get some necessary “boaty” jobs done (including polishing!) and Doug visited Sainsbury’s for the necessary supplies to see us through the next few days.


At midday, on schedule, Bob, June and Phoenix arrived on nb ‘Autumn Myst’.  Doug wandered up the cut to meet them and escort them in.


Apart from the fact that ‘Chance’ needed a polish to get some of the winter grime off, it also had to stand up to the superb finish on ‘Autumn Myst’ (or “The Harrods Boat” as we like to call it – with it’s green and gold livery!)


A pair of shiners!


The other thing to arrive today, courtesy of Bob and June, was a new chimney for ‘Chance’ which they got on their Freaky Friday visit to Midland Chandlers in Braunston on their journey down.  Many thanks to them.

We’re all planning to have a meal together in Oxford tonight before setting off back down to the Thames tomorrow.

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