Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Late start to Great Bedwyn.

Dinner last evening on nb Autumn Myst was very enjoyable – good food, good company and a game of cards to finish.  We left our super mooring in Hungerford just after noon today, having watched the television coverage of Baroness Thatcher’s funeral.  


We soon got to Hungerford Marsh Lock with it’s iconic swing bridge right across the middle.


The wind cutting across Hungerford Common was very strong with ‘Autumn Myst’ and ‘Chance’ having to crab sideways along the cut.  In fact, the wind also made it a tiring day for the “crew” – June and Doug.


Doug and Phoenix enjoying a romp along the towpath – Phoenix having found a lovely big stick to play with.  The hedgerows are just coming into leaf and we’re very much enjoying the beauty of this canal now.


Approaching Oakhill Down Lock (the third one at Froxfield) where the major winter works at all three of these locks are coming to an end.  We were kindly helped by one of the C&RT employees to get through a couple of these locks as the wind was still very strong at this point.


At Little Bedwyn Lock we nearly have to share the canal with the trains!


We reached Great Bedwyn visitor moorings at about 3:45 having had good and pleasant run up from Hungerford.  ‘Chance’ is getting it’s  usual “rub down” at the end of the day.


Of course, the “Harrods “ boat gets similar treatment!

It’s been a grand day and we’re all really enjoying the canal and the surrounding countryside having now worked our way from Berkshire into Wiltshire.

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  1. We commented on those green hedgrows too, its so good to see them.
    And glad to see all the work being done on sluices and culverts, everything is much improved from 13 years ago!