Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Charming Hungerford



Just had to take a pic. of dinner last night – it tasted as good as it looks!  (Doug's’ vegetarian creation)

Anyway, this morning we set off from Kintbury in full sunshine after a very pleasant night.  The excellent moorings are quite close to the railway line, which isn’t a problem if you don’t mind trains (as we don’t).


In fact, the canal is so close to the railway line they even run up the side of the bridges!


Our journey today was a short 2 hours to Hungerford and there was enough water in the canal to get us all the way!  The scenery is lovely now we’re to the west of Newbury and although spring seems to be very late this year there is still so much to see and enjoy.


We moored up in the lovely town of Hungerford at 11:30 still in bright sunshine.  Phoenix was glad (as always) to get off the boat and sit and ponder the meaning of life.

Fellow bloggers, Ian and Karen on nb ‘Tacet’ arrived about an hour after us and moored opposite.  The crew of all three boats have been hard at work getting things ship shape.



Our moorings in Hungerford taken from the road bridge.


After our work on the boat we took a walk into town for some shopping and came back the scenic route through the churchyard.  It’s a wonderful setting for the church, right next to the canal and the whole area is beautifully kept.

Ian and Karen very kindly invited us to have tea and home made cakes on board nb ‘Tacet’ this afternoon……….


Ian, Doug and Karen enjoying the afternoon.

We had a very nice couple of hours with them and their very friendly dog ‘Jumble’ and, we have to say, Karen's’ cakes are wonderful.  Thanks guys for your hospitality –it was lovely to meet up with you, and hope to meet up again on your return.


On our way back to ‘Chance’ from Ian and Karen's’ we passed this very unusual house next to the canal bridge which we’ve always admired.

This evening we’ve, very kindly, been invited to dinner by June and Bob on board ‘Autumn Myst’.  What a busy existence it is on the canal!

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