Sunday, 28 April 2013

Bye Bye Bristol.

We had another great day in Bristol before we left this afternoon – but first we must show a couple of very nice photos taken by Karen from ‘nb Tacet’:-


On Friday’s arrival Karen took this shot as they followed us to our moorings…….


……..and on Saturday this shot, during the regatta, from the opposite side of the docks.  Thanks Karen and Ian. It’s a grand picture showing the  amphitheatre behind our boats, the Millennium Square behind that and the cathedral behind that.  The tower of the Wills Building is to left of the cathedral’s twin towers. (Wills as in cigarettes)


The very impressive water feature in the Millennium Square – obelisks of vertical waterfalls and large areas of mirror-flat water.


During the morning lots of old buses started to arrive for a enthusiasts meeting in the amphitheatre behind our mooring.  James remembers all of them!


This interesting exhibit was a modern bus chassis carrying an old one.


The main pleasure of the day was the arrival of old and cherished friends Kirk and Sian (also Bristolian like Fran and Shaun yesterday!)  We’d planned to have breakfast with them but, with a lot of chatter on the boat first, it turned into brunch.  Here we are having just consumed four large Wetherspoons English breakfasts!


When we got back to our mooring there were many more buses there than before.  Somewhere our boat’s in this lot – probably under a No 37!


We were told that the two cranes opposite our mooring were set in this lowered position as a mark of respect for a crane driver who had recently died.


A great shot of ‘us boys’ taken by Sian.

IMG_0516Our last picture of the docks taken from ‘Chance’ before we left at 3 ‘o clock this afternoon.  We’ve very much enjoyed our visit to Bristol – our mooring position has been perfect for seeing so much of the events taking place this weekend. Sadly, we have to leave as our ‘parking ticket’ has run out.


The journey back up the River Avon was very pleasant – overcast and not too chilly and, in just a couple of days, the trees have greened up and it looks a totally different place.


Our very peaceful moorings this evening next to the Avon Valley Railway bridge.  We came through Netham, Hanham and Keynsham Locks  so that we’re well out of reach of the high spring tides.  Even below Keynsham Lock the river was showing a two and a half foot rise this morning!

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