Friday, 19 April 2013

Poor Pewsey.

We had another grand evening when Bob and June came aboard ‘Chance’ for dinner.  We ended the evening after a game of “Phase 10” (cards).


Pre dinner drinks for four.

This morning we were woken by a tremendous battle going on outside the boat.  Two Canada Geese had their nest opposite the boat and they were defending their territory from the swans that wanted to share the pound.  It was very surprising how the geese were the dominant ones and the swans were being well harassed. 


A swan fleeing from a Canada Goose.


At the start of our journey this morning we pass the superb Crofton Pumping House.


After five locks we were on the top pound of the K and A and were very soon entering the Bruce Tunnel (only about 500 yards).  We had to negotiate a loose pontoon before we could proceed though.


Further on we passed Burbage Wharf where there are some major refurbishments going on and the whole place looks very much tidier than when we passed this way about six years ago on our previous boat.


The strong winds we’ve been having have ceased and it felt much warmer today.  There’s still a winter feel about things when you look around as the there’s very little green around, although the buds on some trees are almost about to burst.


Having worked our way along the 2 mile top pound we started our decent through Wooton Top Lock where we got a real soaking from a “piddler” that just would not stop.  We had to quickly shut the back door and top hatch to stop it getting in the cabin as we moved forward out of the lock.  James got soaked as the water hit the wooden Taff rail!


The second lock (Brimslade) was no better!  We usually make sure all the windows are shut before we decent through locks and, luckily, we did so today but it didn’t stop some water being forced through the front doors and side hatch.  And James got a second good soaking when the water hit the Taff rail again!  All good fun.


We reached Pewsey Wharf – our intended mooring today, only to find the visitor moorings in an extremely poor state.  The banks were collapsing and some of the mooring rings were unable to take the force of a boat without being pulled out of the bank.  This is not only dangerous for boaters but for the general public as well.  This area certainly lets this lovely canal down.

Anyway, we’re moored up and safe, so all is ok.


This afternoon we took a 20 minute bus ride into Marlborough with Bob, June and Phoenix as they wanted to visit this lovely town.  After a walk around and a cup of tea in the church at the end of the high street we caught the bus back to Pewsey.  This is view at the top of the high street.  There are some beautiful old buildings in and around the town centre and well worth a visit.


  1. My what an interesting read. I love spending a little time with you as you cruise the canals. Poor James, it sounds like he had two showers in one day, and I'll bet they were mighty cold. Thank you for sharing your adventures. Oh, and the inside cabin on your boat is beautiful. I didn't expect it to be so light and cheery. What an amazing and lovely home on the water, simply beautiful :)
    Your blogging sister, Connie

  2. Thanks Connie, Glad you enjoy the blog, there are some more pictures of the inside of the boat in the canal boat magazine, if you click on the cover on the right hand side of the blog page, all the best, Doug and James x

  3. Interesting comment about the moorings at Pewsey. I will have a look at them and get onto CRT / BWB / K&A trust about them. Glad you enjoyed your visit to the area.

    Alan (local cllr.)

  4. Hi Alan

    Thanks for the comment and appreciate you telling C&RT, we look forward to seeing them in a better condition in the future. Regards Doug and James