Monday, 7 May 2012

Wish you were here.

Due to James’ ‘affair’ with the NHS at the moment we’ve been somewhat frustrated that we’re not enjoying the canals.  (He’s been informed that, after a treadmill session next Tuesday, he will be put on drugs for a while to try to revert the heart back to normal rhythm rather than have another cardio version immediately).  However, our frustration has moderated into more of a thankfulness that we’re not experiencing some of the awful conditions that our fellow boaters are under at the moment.  It seems to have rained for 40 days and 40 nights so far.  If our well-laid plans had gone ahead we would have been on the River Thames right now.  It would have been our forth time on the dear old “Father” and the forth time we would have experienced it in flood!

So, instead, we are enjoying some very nice weather (among the rainy bits) here in Selsey and we wish you were here!

Yesterday, which was not a great day weather wise but we were still able to enjoy a pleasant dry walk along the sea wall and, as luck would have it, we were just in time to see the lifeboat being winched back into its station……..


…….. not something we see too often so it was quite exciting.  We’re not sure whether it was after a call out or just an exercise but its well worth the photo.  Every other Wednesday, at 6’ish in the evening, the lifeboat is launched for training purposes and the public can go and stand next to the boat inside the building and watch it being launched – it’s a really special experience to hear the engines start up and watch the man with the mallet hit the safety pin and see the enormous boat slide rapidly down the ramp and into the water.

Anyway, today, after a wet morning the sun came out and it turned into a lovely warm afternoon - so we took Oscar for a crawl along the sea wall.


This is our beach on a busy Bank Holiday Monday and ……..


…….. looking the other way along the sea wall it was just as busy.  Wish you were here!


  1. Hugs to Oscar (and James). Jill

  2. Sorry to hear that your cruising has been curtailed - hope you feel better soon.

    If it's any consolation, the Thames is quite horrible at the moment!

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  3. Hi Sue

    Thanks for you comment, we were moored on the opposite bank in Wallingford in 2008 when the river rose 5ft overnight! Took over a week to go down. We have been seeing the pictures on your blog as its brought back many memories! Hope the water levels fall soon and you are back on your way, we may even meet you if we get going soon.

  4. It would be lovely to see you - our oldie hounds could sit together and compare notes on the perils of old age and vet visits :-)

    Sue, nb Indigo Dream

  5. Hi Doug
    Just to say that we are now back at Brinklow and thought of you both. Hope that the drugs are helping James and that he is feeling much better. Hope that when we next come up to the boat that you are back enjoying the canals.
    best wishes
    bob and June
    Nb Autumn Myst