Saturday, 26 May 2012

Return to Crick

Our journey today was a short one – from our mooring last night it was a quick, 2hour, hop to Crick – just enough time to charge up the batteries.


This was our view when we woke this morning.  The lady from the boat moored ahead of us walked her dog past and said she recognised us as we had moored next to them on the River Thames at Hampton Court in 2008!  We told her we had a different boat then but it was the same colour as this one.  It was both the colour and James she recognised.  Either she has a remarkable memory or James was doing something he shouldn’t!

Anyway we had an unremarkable journey, punctuated only by a stop for water at Yelvertoft.  The weather was still fine and the scenery still lovely.

The canal, however, all along this Leicester Section, is very shallow.  The water levels are well up so we can only think it needs dredging sometime soon. 


Taking on water at Yelvertoft (another great place name!)


We have stopped at Crick and have decided to stay here for the boat show next weekend.  Doug caught the bus to Brinklow, via Rugby, and collected the car so that we can have transport for the next week.  We have a nice mooring next to nb ‘Nauti – Lass’ with Julie and Russell – and after some cleaning of both boats by both crews we enjoyed a glass of wine together this evening.


  1. Any indication there yet about how they're organising the booked moorings? They always used to put signs in the hedge with the boat names on; not sure how they're doing things this year.

  2. Hi Doug and James
    Missed you again.
    Glad to see that you are back on the water, hope that James is feeling better now.
    We are currently enjoying a G & T in the marina as we will have to have a break for a while as we are having a new 7 week old Guide Dog Pup on Thursday, They come with the name and this one is called Phoenix. Can't see me shouting that around the park!
    Hope that you enjoy Crick
    All the best
    Bob and June