Monday, 30 April 2012

A visit to MGM boatbuilders.

On the way home today we detoured across to Leicester to catch up with MGM, our boat builder, who we haven’t seen for a few months and we were eager to see the progress of their latest boat.  On approaching the boatyard – something we’ve done many times – we noticed something odd, and then realised that all “floating objects” were three feet higher than they should be.  The River Soar was just about to burst it’s banks. 


This is ‘The Tardis’, the boat built after ‘Chance’ luckily anchored to flood poles.  The bikes are security locked to the flood pole so retrieval will have to wait until the water subsides. 


MGM’s slipway where boats are pulled out on twin trollies.  Right now the boats can be floated in on their own.


A visit to the floating boat shed (it’s designed to float and therefore not a victim of the floods!) revealed their latest creation:  a 58 ft. cruiser stern, reverse layout in a very attractive two tone green with brass fittings.  The paint finish, as expected, is very good indeed.


“Rear of the year” – the same contoured stern as we have on ‘Chance’ – giving oodles of rear deck space to be enjoyed in the summer months.


Internal view looking towards the galley where things are coming along very well.  The eerie yellow light is caused by the brown paper wrapping on the outside of the boat (and not our camera!)


This isn’t the shower cubicle it’s a dog washing facility!  What will they think of next.  The owners have a large, and obviously very pampered dog, who will have it’s own thermostatically controlled shower on the rear deck.  That’s bespoke boat building for you.

We were very impressed with this latest boat which will be exhibited at this year’s Crick Boat Show during the late May Bank Holiday.  It should be another worthy showboat for MGM and we wish them every success.

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