Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Back on the ‘Road’ again!

On Monday we took an executive decision to pack a few things into the car and get up to the boat for a week.  After an emergency fitting of a track rod end to the car by our wonderful local garage and a visit to St Richards Hospital for James’ weekly blood test we arrived at Brinklow at 6 o’clock.

Yesterday, after the inevitable “few jobs” we headed towards Braunston.  We were surprised how quiet it was but soon found out that a lot of boats had decided to get their cruising done in the cool of the day.  We are very pleased the sun has decided to do what it should do at this time of year and we had a quiet, very hot but very pleasant cruise today.  We got through Hilmorton locks very quickly with the help of the lock keeper on the third lock and decided to call it a day after bridge 80.  There were a lot of boats on this very popular spot….


… as this long shot from our mooring position shows.


James had to touch up a scratch on the gunwale (!) while Doug took Oscar for a wander along the line of moored boats.  An hour later he returned with the news that he’d found Del and Al on nb ‘Derwent6’ were moored ahead of us and an impromptu party had been arranged for 6.30!  


At the prescribed time Del and Al arrive laden with their contribution to the evening’s enjoyment – ably helped by James (the vegetarian) carrying their dish of chicken wings.


Nibbles before dinner.


James was there as well!

When they arrived Del and Al said they wouldn’t be staying as late as the last impromptu occasion (which was 2 o’clock in the morning!).  They were true to their word and left at 1.15!

Thanks guys – we had a great evening as always.  Good luck over the next few weeks and we look forward to next time.


  1. Yay! the boys are back on the boat... let the party begin.
    Forget the weekly blood test. Switch from warfarin to dabigatran (pradaxa) for AF if you can afford it. Trying to get the right dosage of coumadin is even more difficult for vegetarians who eat spinach and other dark greens which affects vitamin K metabolism.
    Give Oscar a scratch behind the ears from me,
    Lambda Louis (chronic AF for 30 years and still kicking)

  2. Glad you are back on board have a great cruise

  3. Hi Lambda Louis, Thanks for your comment and details on AF which James is very interested in. Oscar says thank you for his scratch!

    Hi Norwyn, Thanks very much pity its only a week but we certainly timed in right, hopefully not too long until we can set off proper.

  4. The "Sunshine Boy's" strike again. Enjoy chaps. x John & Ali