Sunday, 20 May 2012

We’re still alive!!

We haven’t blogged lately as there hasn’t been very much to blog about and we’ve had a kind enquiry as to whether we’re still around!  We’re waiting for James to be “processed” – the latest is that he completed the stress test on the treadmill last Tuesday and has been put on an additional medication to better regulate the heart.  After a further ECG (scheduled 28th May) a decision will be made about  another cardio version which, if successful, the latest medication will help to prevent a reversion.  This latest schedule of events should allow us to get to the Crick Show this year which we would not have got to if our original plans had gone ahead.  So we’re really looking forward to getting some canal water into our lives!  The only frustration comes from the rather selfish need to start enjoying ‘Chance’ this year.  We are very thankful that James’ problem is a fairly minor one and that the care and attention received at St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester is first class. 

We had a very welcome visit by eldest daughter Vicki and partner Tom, with there year old ‘puppy’ Ernie, for a few days this week.  We enjoyed a shopping trip into Chichester with them one day and the next day (Friday) we went to Portsmouth.


Doug, Tom, Vicki with Oscar and Ernie at the entrance to Portsmouth Harbour and Dockyard (with a Brittany ferry creeping up on their blind side!!)


One of the cobbled streets on “Spice Island” which is one of the oldest parts of Portsmouth and mercifully spared from the terrible bombing which the city endured during the war.


The same crowd (still on Spice Island) looking towards Gunwharf Quays.


We did some more shopping in Gunwharf Quays – the area has been very well developed around some of the lovely old docks buildings.  The contrast here between the old Customs House and the new Spinnaker Tower is very marked!

Leaving Portsmouth to go back home we took the coast road through Southsea and were just in time to see the Isle of Wight hovercraft arrive and depart again.






A very exciting five minutes – this hover service has been in existence since James was a youngster and he used to watch the first craft (SRN 6?) when he was on holiday with his parents!


  1. Hi Both,
    So glad to hear James is getting things sorted. Must have been a worrying time for a while. I had a rapid heartbeat episode(SVT) back in 2003 and have been on medication ever since so understand what James must be going through. We both wish him well.

    Chris and I are going to Crick too so perhaps our paths will cross and we an buy you both a drink.
    Chris and Steve

  2. Sadly, no Crick for us as we will be tootling around the Black Country Ring

    Looks like you guys will have to get your camera out and snap away for us non Crickers