Thursday, 24 May 2012

To Crick and beyond

This morning started cool and fresh with the promise of another hot day ahead.  The canals are really beautiful right now with the hawthorn blossom at its fullest – the branches are heavy with white blooms.


A view like this round nearly every corner on this part of the Grand Union (Leicester Section).


Another tunnel – this time at Crick.  James was in a short sleeved shirt,  enjoying the cool morning air – forgetting that this particular tunnel can be very wet with water dripping from the ceiling and should have had his mac on  ……………..


……..not only wet but a bit smoky from the last boat to use it (very nice boat but with “traditional” engine! 

We stopped at Crick for some shopping (Doug) and some blacking repairs for James (from yesterday’s collision with a lock entrance!)  While we had our lunch a BW worker came along and erected the mooring restriction notices for the show next weekend.  We started off for the afternoon run with the weather now very warm.  We found a very pleasant quiet spot to stop just before bridge 21 -  got nicely tied up and was about sit out the remaining heat of the day when Doug noticed a boat heading directly towards us.  After an emergency handbrake stop there were just inches to spare.  The poor man had slowed to pass us and lost his steering due to the shallowness of that particular part of the canal!  After wishing him well for the rest of his journey we decided this was not a good place to stay as the next boat that came along could well have the same problem!

We’re now safely moored after bridge 27 and just through the hedge is a wonderful grassy meadow just right for Oscar to have a roam around in…………. 


………………  “now where did I leave that stick?”

As the afternoon cooled off it became an evening of industry for us.


James painting the gang plank which has been out all winter and has become somewhat weathered.


Doug (in James’ regular position – bum higher than his head!) doing some external cleaning of the gunwales before James got the bitumen out to touch up the top rubbing stake.

After that it was a glass of wine and dinner.  Cheers!


  1. Nice to see you guys and Oscar back on board and cruising about.

  2. Oscar has the picked sweetest smelling task of the three crew on-board. But all of you enjoying the rosebuds as you may. Carry on.