Thursday, 15 September 2011

A visit from Renaissance Canal Carrying Company

We set off late yesterday morning for a very short journey (1 1/2 hours!) along the Peak Forest Canal and moored up for lunch.

Peak Forest Canal 002

The beautiful Peak Forest Canal but very shallow…

After mooring for lunch we all decided that we would stay put for the day, as we had a busy day on Tuesday with all the locks and we’re about to tackle the Marple flight (16 locks) so decided on a rest day (cleaning the boats!). 

Later in the afternoon Nb Alton of the Renaissance Canal Carrying Company and its butty came passed so we stopped them to buy a couple of bags of coal and also had a pump out.

Peak Forest Canal 003

‘Chance’ receiving its pump out.

Peak Forest Canal 004

And the couple of bags of coal. It was then ‘Toulouse’s’ turn as they wanted to fill with diesel.

Peak Forest Canal 007

We were really impressed with this little enterprise.  We do try and buy from canal traders if and when we can so this was a bit of luck that they came past today.  They had their butty in tow as well which didn’t help manoeuvring.  You can follow nb Alton’s diary where they will be on their blog.

Peak Forest Canal 012

We were joined later in the day by nb ‘The Pearl’ so all had a peaceful evening moored in the middle of nowhere even if it was under the flight path of Manchester airport!


  1. Hi James & Doug,

    Lovely to meet you yesterday and thanks for your custom. Good photos of us at work. We were glad to get the boats tied up and Ashton before it got dark. Hopefully see you again on the Upper Peak or Macc.

    Cheers, Brian & Ann Marie

  2. Hi Brian and Ann
    Thanks for the comment and your help on Wednesday, hope to meet you again on the Macc. Regards Doug and James