Sunday, 18 September 2011

Onto the Macclesfield Canal

We left Bugsworth Basin at 10:30 am after watering both boats, the weather has been quite warm and sunny today giving us fantastic views over the Derbyshire countryside.Braidbar-Poynton 006

‘Toulouse’ and ‘Chance’ being watered just before leaving Bugsworth.

Braidbar-Poynton 012

Just another section of canal – lovely!

As promised yesterday a  few photos of the views  from the Peak Forest canal – we’re very high and able to see the Pennines on occasions. 

Braidbar-Poynton 015


Braidbar-Poynton 017


Braidbar-Poynton 027

A shear drop of a few hundred feet below this house!

Braidbar-Poynton 030

Turning left at Marple junction we got onto the Macclesfield Canal and one of the first sights,  just outside Marple, is the huge Goyt Mill.  Said to be one of the most impressive cotton mills ever built – today it’s home to a variety of small businesses.

After a few more miles we moored up at about 3 o’clock just past the Braidbar Boat Yard at Higher Poynton.  Had tea and cakes on on the  rear deck, as it was warm and the sun was still out.

Braidbar-Poynton 031

Gerald, Janet and Doug enjoying the weather (and tea and cakes!)  The canal is very wide here, probably due to a ‘burst’ where it seems it was cheaper to pay out out compensation to the farmer than go to the trouble of rebuilding the canal bank – it certainly provides a very nice backdrop to our mooring position.


We are moored up next to the newest Braidbar boat ‘Dolce Far Niente's’  (behind the washing line – sorry!) which owners Stephen and Jayne kindly let Doug have a look on today – very nice.

We also took a wander down to the ‘Trading Post’ (shop), next to Braidbar Boats, where we saw nb  ‘Sanity Again’, but Bruce and Sheila weren’t at home.  When inside the Trading Post, after finding a mug the same colour as ‘Chance’,  Doug’s attention was drawn to one of the magazines for sale………

Braidbar-Poynton 033

And look who’s on the front (and back cover) of it!  James just had to buy a copy as he was in the picture with Adam from Canal Boat magazine.  Bit of a surprise as we had no idea we were being used on The Canal Boat Buyers Guide!

The day ended with drinks and wonderful nibbles with Janet and Gerald on board ‘Toulouse’.

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