Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Continuing on the Macclesfield Canal

Monday 19th September

Delightful gentle run down from Higher Poynton.  The bridges are very nice – they curve back in at their lower edges and, together with the tree lined banks, made an interesting journey. 006

Going through Bollington takes you back to the days of the industrial revolution with its fantastic mills which look more like castles than places of work:


Clarence Mill, Bollington.


Adelphi Mill, Bollington.


Another delightful scene on the way towards Macclesfield.


A turnover bridge – where the towpath had to cross to the other side of the canal it allowed the horse, pulling the boat, to cross over without detaching the tow rope.

We decided not to tackle the Bosley Locks until tomorrow so, after a 4 hour cruise, we moored up at a tiny hamlet called Oak Grove where the ‘Fools Nook’ pub was only a few yards away where we had a good meal with Janet and Gerald. 

Tuesday 20th September

This morning we left at 10.30 after the rain had eased – still quite a wet journey for the next hour.  From Oak Grove it wasn’t long before we arrived at Bosley locks (12 locks in1 mile).


The 2nd Bosley lock – waiting for a boat to leave before going in.  A very dank atmosphere this morning after the rain had eased.


‘Chance’ with mist shrouded hills in the background – to the right of the picture, but unable to see it because of the mist, is Jodrell Bank.


Doug multi tasking – riding a bike and drinking a cup of coffee!  - speeding between locks helping both ‘Chance’ and ‘Toulouse’ down the flight of locks.

We completed the locks by 1.30pm and moored up for lunch - then we all decided to stay put as the weather had improved and the mooring below Bosley locks was very nice.


‘Chance’ on the moorings next to the aqueduct 80 feet above the RiverDane.  In the background is “The Cloud” – a hill 700 feet higher than the canal and 1120 feet above sea level.  Blissfully peaceful and remote moorings.

12 Locks and 3 miles in 2.3 hours


  1. We shall be following your route through Marple and Macclesfield, on our way to Llangollen. Where are you heading next?

  2. Hi Ian and Karen.

    We are heading along the Trent and Mersey towards Fradley, as we are going back to our boatbuiders MGM for the first week of October, so sadly we will miss you. Are yu now in Manchester, look forward to reading your blog over the next few days. Hope to meet up sometime with you guys. Best Wishes Doug and James

  3. I like that boat the "Chance". It looks like a floating train on the river.I also like all the pictures.Thanks you for sharing such a wonderful post...

  4. Hi Yacht Charter, Many Thanks for your comments, Chance is slightly different to the boats you are used to!