Friday, 23 September 2011

Continuing on through Stone

We left our overnight mooring at Barlaston at 10am as we weren’t in any hurry.  The canal is very pleasant and rural with the occasional well kept house and lovely gardens down to the canal edge.  We soon came to the four Meaford Locks dropping us down a total of 35 feet.  The little bridges at the exit to the locks, where the lock setter needs to cross from one side to the other, are in two pieces with a slot between.  This was to allow the rope, of the horse drawn boats, to pass through without having to detach the rope from the boat. Clever!Stone 001

After the four locks we were very soon in Stone.

Stone 004

‘Chance’ at Lock 29 in Stone (4 in total) – very nice architecture and a quirky little personnel tunnel to go under the road bridge.

Stone 007

The old ale stores at Joules Wharf.  Everything is built of brick in Stone!!

The last of the four locks is adjacent to the Dolce Vita Restaurant which we used last time we were here on ‘Spirit’ and we couldn’t  resist it this time.   We moored up just down from the lock  and went for lunch - 2 courses for £7.95 or 3 courses for £8.95,  and it was excellent last time and still is!

Stone 009

The Dolce Vita Restaurant by the lock at Stone. (we briefly thought about leaving ‘Chance’ in the lock while we ate!)

Stone 010

Unusual Lock Arm at the lock  designed like this as the road bridge runs so close to it. Clever again.

Stone 011

Tonight we are moored on our own in the middle of nowhere a few bridges past the new Aston Marina.


  1. Our getting close to us again!

    Just been to Rugeley today. Which way are you heading?

  2. Just read your blog, so were we in Morrisons around 11am this morning in Rugeley, sorry we missed you, in the Swan tonight if you are around. Doug