Saturday, 17 September 2011

Bound for Bugsworth Basin

Friday 16th September

We carried on along the Peak Forest Canal which winds its way towards a terminus at Bugsworth Basin and Whaley Bridge.  There are lovely views out over the River Goyt Valley and, hopefully, we will get some nice photos on our way back as the visibility was not too good on the way out.

Bugsworth Basin 002

Doug walking along the towpath with nb ‘Toulouse’ -  he was doing all the lift and swing bridges along the way.

Bugsworth Basin 006

A typical view along the canal -  with pretty cottages, tree lined glades and the lovely panoramic scenes makes it a very nice journey.

Bugsworth Basin 007

Doug, taking his life in his hands, sweeping the roof of leaves at the start of the trip on Friday (rule no 368 – do not moor under trees!)

Bugsworth Basin 008

The smell is better than the sight! – the Swizzles factory at Newtown – manufacturer of many sticky substances.

Bugsworth Basin 009

The occasional disaster lurks round the corner.  This was a ‘Springer’ narrow boat only recently meeting its demise.  The pot plant on the front must have been screwed down!  

We arrived at Bugsworth basin about lunch time and spent the afternoon cleaning and doing some maintenance – working up an appetite for an evening meal in ‘The Navigation’ pub next to the basin.

Bugsworth Basin was opened in 2005 after  a fantastic restoration by the Inland Waterways Protection Society.  Now enjoying Ancient Monument status, the basin was a transhipment terminal for lime and limestone.  There are many wharfs available for mooring and the whole complex is a mass of original walls and bridges and definitely worth visiting.

Bugsworth Basin 012

Doug with Janet and Gerald at the Navigation Inn -  they also allowed Oscar in as well!

Saturday 17th September

Today we have stayed put, getting  a few more jobs done on the boats (in between the heavy showers of rain) - taking a walk to the nearby Tesco’s and a walk into Whaley Bridge.  Tomorrow we plan to head back and onto the Macclesfield Canal.

Bugsworth Basin 021

‘Chance’ and ‘Toulouse’ basking in this evenings’ sunshine.

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