Monday, 5 September 2011

Canal Boat Review

For those of you, (especially friends in Europe) who have been asking us where they can read the review in Canal Boat magazine on the internet.  Our Boat Builders MGM Ltd have published it on their web site, follow the link and click on Press Releases and the whole review is shown. Hope you find it interesting!

Canal Boat


  1. I read my copy last night, nice write up and nice boat.


  2. Just received my latest copy of Waterways World, and it is, as I have no doubt you are aware, also in there.

  3. Hi Paul, Thanks for the comment, glad you enjoyed the article. Regards Doug

  4. Hi Peter Thanks for the comment, yes we did know it is in October's Waterways World as well, can't understand why they come out so early, we are only just in September!

  5. We enjoyed reading about nb Chance. When we can't go looking at boats it's nice to see a detailed review of one - especially when it's one we're following the travels of. Great article!
    Elly & Mick

  6. Hi Elly and Mick. Glad you enjoyed the review in canal boat. Hope to meet you both one day on the cut! Best Wishes to you both. Doug and James