Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Still in Manchester with more unexpected surprises!

Since returning to Manchester on Sunday morning we have been having an enjoyable time moored here.  Yesterday we were visited by our friends Howard and Wendy from Budleigh Salterton in Devon (where we used to live) and daughter Jackie who they were visiting in Sale for a few days. We had a lovely afternoon catching up with them.


Howard, Jackie, Wendy and James.  Great to see you all and thanks for coming to see us guys…

Within an hour of them leaving, James was busy outside doing some work on Chance and who should walk up?  Janet and Gerald from nb Toulouse who were our neighbours at the Crick Boat Show and we spent quite some time eating out and socialising with them at the show.  They have now moored up next to us and hopefully they have decided they will stay until next week and we will travel together up the Rochdale flight  (9 locks) and the Ashton flight (18 locks) and on to the Peak Forest Canal.


nb Toulouse and nb Chance moored together again this time in Castlefield.  Why ‘Toulouse’? we once asked Gerald – “because it has” was the reply.

Also today we had Oscar’s three monthly supply of his special dog food delivered to the boat.  We are so impressed by Oscar Pet foods, (Oscar was named first!)  This is the second time the ‘local’ rep. has delivered to the boat instead of our usual man in West Sussex.  The head office are so helpful and their products are excellent -  Oscar has the Pinnacle mix especially for old dogs! – and has made a great difference to him in the last two years.


Oscar delivering to Oscar - Doug chatting to Claire of Oscar Pet Foods.

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