Tuesday, 30 June 2015

A Grand Selsey Weekend.

Last Saturday we had a beach BBQ with Selsey friends Nancy and Zoe (a sort of Sitges Reunited!). 
Our afternoon started off with us being able to witness a Lifeboat “shout”. Sadly, we didn’t get a pic of the boat as it was launched from the boathouse but it looked, and sounded, an impressive sight as it powered out to sea.
With the excitement over we settled to a bit of relaxation. Zoe excelled at being the chef and the rest of us excelled at periodically moving everything further up the beach as the tide came in. Zoe, Doug and Nancy.
After fully sating ourselves Zoe and Doug decided they’d like to take a trip in our Hobie canoe ……
…… but not before Zoe took some pics of our happy band.
Nancy and James were looking forward to relaxing while Zoe and Doug embarked on their voyage. It was not to be ……. a video of the next five (hilarious) minutes can be found on Doug’s Facebook site – its worth watching! www.youtube.com/watch?v=WNm33CSH1hA&feature=share
We’re very laid back in Selsey, as Nancy here demonstrates  …….
…… even down to the fishermen (on our very crowded beaches!).
We were so long on the beach we saw the lifeboat return from its successful rescue mission ……..
……. and we stayed just long enough to watch the lifeboat being winched back up the ramp and into the shed. This is not the end of the lifeboat crew’s work. After each rescue mission they have to wash and polish the boat and prepare it for the next job. Hats off to these great men and women.
After the BBQ the evening saw us relaxing even harder in Zoe and Nancy’s Jacuzzi/Pool.
Changing coloured lights, built in music speakers and a good supply of bubbly, oh,  it was a hard job to relax.
Thanks Zoe and Nancy for a great time – it was a hoot!


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