Friday, 14 November 2014


Yesterday James got wired up with a 24 hour heart monitor (just as a check now that he’s off the medication) and was wandering around Chichester for a while looking like a Duracell powered zombie.  After a surprisingly good night’s sleep (with all his wires and things) he went back to St Richard’s hospital today for it’s removal.  After that, and as we were already half way, we carried on to Bognor Regis for a bit of Christmas shopping then popped down to the beach to enjoy the fantastically warm and sunny weather.


“I see no ships!”


This was Doug’s view - looking west across the bay towards home.  The “Manhood Peninsular”, as it’s historically known, looked brilliantly clear in reality but not a jot of it can seen on this photo.  Bognor’s famous pier, just left of centre, is where the crazy Bird Flight attempts have taken place in the past.


Looking east the coast was just as clear! 


Bognor still manages to sport some lovely old “pieces” and even the new additions to the seafront  have been very thoughtfully designed with turrets and lead-finished domes on the buildings(bottom right).


We had a wonderful surprise while we were shopping.  Our dearest  friends Ann and John had also decided to take a spontaneous trip to the town and, as the four of us are always up for a bit of a ‘gathering’, we decided to have lunch together in the pub on the seafront.  We had a good meal with brilliant company and the sun continued to shine down as if it was a summer’s day. 

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