Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Lazy Easter

We had a very lazy Easter weekend moored at Hanwell, below the locks …..
……. the mooring was very quiet and peaceful, with just a few boats but a lot of Easter walkers passing by. James managed to check the battery levels between the heavy showers of rain on Easter Monday morning – then it was a case of hunkering down in the afternoon as the rain set in permanently.
We’d like to thank the very nice person who secretly left four little chocolate Easter chicks on our roof early on Saturday morning – two at the front and two at the back. Thank you very much!
Today we left our mooring early for a very quite and easy trip up the Hanwell flight of locks.
This is an iconic Victorian view with the old buildings of Hanwell Asylum and its very high perimeter wall next to the lock flight.
We came across the best kept Coot’s nest on the system!
With two locks to go we crossed Three Bridges where road, rail and canal intersect at the same point.
We arrived in Paddington after a 6 hour miraculously dry cruise, to find a choice of 6 spaces in Paddington Basin, and tonight they are still vacant!

1 comment:

  1. So it was you that went up Hanwell leaving all the locks full for us. We set off pretty early yesterday from Brentford thinking they would all be empty but could see stright away that someone had gone through before us.

    Ah well, the luck of the draw.

    It was nice meeting you both and we hope we catch up again somewhere, on this wonderful waterway system,

    Heather & Roger