Monday, 28 January 2013

Canary Capers.

We spent last week in Fuerteventura, visiting members of the Braidbar Boat Owners Club (Canary Islands Branch!), aka Bill and Eileen from nb ‘New Dawn’ and Chris and Les from nb ‘Eleventh Heaven’.  They are ‘wintering’ there at the moment and kindly invited us out to spend some time together.
Doug  breakfasting/lunching  in No 1 lounge at Gatwick before our departure.
Our meal together on the first night – Les, Bill, Eileen, Doug and Chris.  Notice the the doors on the front of the restaurant are wide open – we were feeling very sorry for everyone back home (!).
This was probably Monday when we enjoyed a BBQ (and the sunshine) at the villa.
We did quite a lot of walking while we were there – the main town of Caleta de Fuste being about a mile from the villa, we decided the hire car could stay put.  On this occasion we met up, and had coffee, with the other four who drove down to the town later in the day.
The fun and laughter continues well after dark back at the villa in the incredibly warm pool (29 deg!).  Eileen, Doug and Les.
More pics in the next blog – for ‘technical’ reasons we couldn’t seem to blog on our tablet / ipad last week while we were there.  This blog comes from (not so sunny) Bournemouth where Doug is enjoying a whist convention this week!  It was a quick turn round for us as we didn’t get back from Fuerteventura until midnight on Saturday and we arrived here Sunday afternoon!  


  1. Well jealous, we want to come with you next time ;)

  2. You guys are on holiday more than us! Right that's it. Friday we are off to Cornwall for a week!