Thursday, 26 July 2012

Forward to Fradley.

We started at 8.30am this morning on our way to Fradley Junction before the weather got too hot.  Oscar swapped between his cool spot on the bathroom floor and……..
……..his favourite spot on the boat roof (closely monitored of course!)
As we travelled through the outskirts of Tamworth it was nice to observe and ponder on the ways that some none boaters make use of the wonderful asset they have at the bottom of their gardens.
We could have taken many pics. but this is just one.
We had to take this one at the Glascote Locks.  Not a great picture because we couldn’t get it all in but the entire garden is plastic!  All the plants, window boxes and the astro turf outside the house! Not so sure this is the way to go.
Blog followers Caroline and Martin asked for a picture of Doug with his hat on after we showed James looking ridiculous the other day.  He  is not looking  quite so silly as it’s a posh leather one!
‘Chance’ making a deft manoeuvre  through Fazeley Junction.
We passed the half finished entrance to the new Kings Orchard Marina near Streethay – it now seems to be opening in Spring 2013.  Talking of passing things – we met nb ‘Moondarra’ right at Bridge 90!  It’s so often the case – all that canal and boats have to meet at bridge holes and narrows – sorry you had to do an emergency stop guys but thanks for letting us know that you read our blog.  Its always nice to meet followers of our blog.  Great to see you and enjoy your cruising.
There was no space to moor on the Coventry arm at Fradley Junction when we arrived at 3pm as expected at this time of year. So we decided that we would carry on towards Great Haywood,  just as we got to the junction, Doug noticed two spaces  below the lock towards Alrewas, So James reversed Chance into the lock so we could descend and moor facing the correct way  for when we continued in the morning.  Luckily, the manoeuvre went off without a hitch as there were a lot of gongoozlers about.
We moored next to Janice and Dai on nb Jandai, after spending an hour chatting to them we then strolled up to The Swan for a pint, after meeting and chatting to another couple of boaters we returned Oscar back to Chance for his dinner and are about to go back to the pub for a meal and enjoy the live music they have on a Thursday evening.


  1. no worries ,enjoy your trip guys,back to brinklow for us


    nb moondarra

  2. Caroline and Martin26 July 2012 at 21:24

    yeah, you've made our weekend :-) Think we may fit in when we get afloat afterall! Thank you.

  3. Looks like Oscar's got the best spot, Lord muck.