Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Another normal day?!

Today was our last on the Macclesfield Canal.  We’ve enjoyed our trip very much – the canal seems shorter than the last time we came 3 years ago!  We woke this morning to a fantastic sunrise from our elevated position above the River Dane.

Final day on the Macclesfield 001

Sunrise from ‘Chance’ this morning

Final day on the Macclesfield 003

As always, we took Oscar for his morning walk to keep his old bones moving!  Here he is at lock 11 of the flight we came down yesterday.

We left the mooring at 9:30 this morning thinking that the sooner we start the sooner we can get to the end of the canal and moor up at Scholar Green where we planned to have our farewell dinner with Janet and Gerald this evening.

Final day on the Macclesfield 004

‘Toulouse’ leaving the mooring and crossing the aqueduct.

However, our journey was to be interrupted!  The odd shopping trolley yes but lorries we don’t see very often.  We were asked to moor up and wait for the recovery to take place.  The lorry plunged in, together with the car it was carrying,  at 5 o’clock this morning – they had already recovered the car!

Final day on the Macclesfield 005

Wonder how the driver explained this one!

Final day on the Macclesfield 012

Only a few scratches!

Final day on the Macclesfield 017

The lift was quite tricky as there were power cables above the crane.  They eased the lorry over the hedge (without further damage to the hedge) and dumped it on its roof in the road.  The show over, we were able to continue our journey.

Final day on the Macclesfield 018

Another famous site from the canal – the beautiful Ramsdell Hall

We are now moored at Scholar Green at the end of the Macclesfield Canal ready for our farewell dinner – Gerald and Janet are planning a different route from this point and we are making our way back to MGM (our boat builders) for a few jobs to be done before winter sets in.

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