Monday, 13 June 2011

We finally meet nb Triskaideka!

We have been in touch with Ali and John on nb Triskaideka for some time as their build followed roughly the same time frame as ours. Finally today we arranged to meet them on their maiden voyage. We left MGM and headed north for two hours to Mount Sorrell Lock and waited for Ali and John to arrive from Pillings Lock.
We helped them through the lock and then moored up together, Triskaideka is a beautiful boat with lovely oak interior and superb carpentry.  After viewing each other boats we had a very long liquid lunch, and both set off 2 hours later heading back to Thurmaston.
nb triskaideka and nb Chance at Cossington Lock.
James, John and Ali on board Chance. We had a very enjoyable cruise back to Thurmaston, Doug and Ali worked the locks whilst  John and James helmed the boats. We arrived at the Hope and Anchor at 6pm.
We met up again in the evening with Ali and John and went for a meal at The Hope and Anchor. We had a great day with you both and hope to meet up again very soon.

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