Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Penkridge to (nearly) Brewood

We left Penkridge at 9am and went through Penkridge Lock and then re watered at the BW services above the lock.  We travelled on in beautiful sunshine passing through Gailey lock with its roundhouse. We seemed to have an easy day with locks as they were either in our favour or a boat just exiting.  Having said that there has, surprisingly, been very little traffic today.
Passing through Calf Heath what should we see moored in the marina, but Captain Ahab and Belle’s boat Wand’ing Bark!
Sadly there was no sign of them but we hope to catch up with them next month!
We turned right at Autherley Junction off of the Staffs & Worcs Canal – a tricky manoeuvre perfectly executed!  Difficult getting through the stop lock as the gate would not open fully.  We are now on the Shropshire Union Canal.  We carried on for an hour and moored up between bridges 7 and 8 near Brewood (pronounced Brood).  We say “ near Brewood” but when we decided to walk in to the village we didn’t  realise how far it was. With an elderly dog we walked for an hour which was at least 2 miles even at Oscar’s speed!
Oscar and Doug on the footpath to Brewood.
As poor Oscar was so hot by the time we reached the village, we decided to have a pint and eat at the Bridge Inn to give him a rest! (any excuse!)  We then slowly wandered back to the boat along the canal from bridge 14 to the other side of bridge 8 (another 2 miles or so!) and arrived back at 8.30pm.  Oscar is now sound asleep but has survived the experience!
Our mooring tonight at Brewood.
The view from our side hatch – the pic. doesn’t do it justice!

12 miles and 8 locks covered today


  1. We love those moorings by Bridge 8.

  2. Hi Adam
    Hope you have settled back home after your 2 weeks on Briar Rose, hope to catch up soon. Doug

  3. Did you pop into the shop at Gailey lock? Lovely place and run by a delightful lady. Well done on spotting our boat! Very sorry not to see you but next month it is!

  4. Its good to see WB is still afloat!

  5. Hi Cap't Ahab and Belle, Yes we did pop into the shop but sadly they didn't have the book we wanted, out of stock, never mind.