Monday, 11 April 2016

Hawaii Island

“Big Island” as it’s known, is the largest and the youngest of the Hawaiian islands and Kilauea, one of it’s 5 volcanoes, has been continuously erupting for the last 20 years. We arrived at the cruise terminal close to Hilo on Wednesday morning.


Our 2 mile walk from the cruise terminal (there were shuttles available but exercise is good for you!) took us past lovely tree lined coves ………..


…. where almost prehistoric looking trees graced the water’s edge.


Growing in many of the huge trees were gigantic parasitic Monstera Deliciosa plants, with their tendril roots hanging down to the ground.


The weather was very warm but the strong onshore wind kept us cool as we headed for the local town of Hilo.


As we walked next to the rocky shoreline black crabs scurried back from their sunny positions to the water.


Reaching the town of Hilo after 45 minutes walking, the area was smart and well kept with trees looking slightly out of the ordinary compared to the UK.


The plant life in general was very different to what we’re used to.


Hilo, unlike most Places in Hawaii, has no high rise buildings or expensive hotels – just simple buildings resembling a typical mid-west American town.



Covered ‘sidewalks’ are common – probably a practical solution to the amount of rain the island gets.



They like their monster trucks - and there are some real monsters around!


The buildings and shops next to the waterfront have more paint on them than those further into the town and there are some very nice ‘individual’ shops.


There are quite a few well maintained historic buildings – this one was right opposite ………


……… the Hilo Town Tavern which, unlike almost everywhere else in the town, offered some Wifi to its customers.


The very friendly young barman had a strong Texan drawl which added to the feeling that we were actually in a typical U.S. town. The Wifi was very useful but the local Red Lava Ale was a real bonus. The weather had turned a little antisocial just as we found the bar so we ended up staying for quite a while and enjoying a really good lunch into the bargain. Doug’s in the far left corner.


Just before we got a taxi back to the ship Doug noticed some of his favourite “Bird of Paradise” in the market. $4 for 12 beautiful examples and they now adorn our cabin.


“Arcadia” took its leave from Hawaii on Wednesday evening, resuming it’s trans-Pacific towards the west coast of the USA. Next stop San Francisco! We enjoy dinner in the evenings with the same very lovely people – Brian, Carol (hidden), Jennie, Ed, Bob, Joan, Doug and James.

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