Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Antigua antics!


Just thought we’d include a pic. of “our” aft deck at night.  It’s quiet and balmy at this time of day and wonderfully relaxing for an after dinner drink.


We berthed in Antigua early yesterday (Monday) morning and disembarked to the sound of a steel band (much to James’ delight!).


We took a kidney bruising ride on a local bus to the charming “English Harbour” – yes, the bus is full and yes, there’s no way to get off except for several passengers getting out to let someone off!  A 40 minute, devil-may-care ride for almost £1- pretty good value!


The English Harbour is where Admiral Nelson was in charge for a while and where he had his ships prepared before Trafalgar and where,for the couple of centuries before, it was a haven for ships sheltering from the hurricanes.


After a time at the dockyard we got a nice man to take us across to a very lovely and deserted beach ……….


……… that there was no one around and we were able ………


……. to have a luxurious skinny dip and enjoy the sun shine!


When we rang the nice man he came to get us back to English Harbour and then another bone shaking (and great fun) bus journey………


…….. back to “Ventura” where she dwarfed everything around her.


On board we had the “sail away” of all sail away parties – everyone had Union flags to wave as we sang ‘Jerusalem’ and ‘Rule and Britannia’ and ‘Land of Hope and Glory’.  We sailed out of port waving good bye to the passengers on the German “Mein Shiff” berthed next to us (they were very gracious and danced and waved back to us in time to our music!).  The photo is of Max, one of the ship’s photographers and great fun at the party.


These are two people enjoying themselves as the ship leaves Antigua and the party goes on.


A little later and we are treated to the most perfect of sights – sunset over the island of Montserrat with the top of its famous volcano in the clouds.

Today, Tuesday, we embark on six trans Atlantic sea days before our next port of call in Madeira.   

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