Thursday, 14 August 2014

Social whirl in Lymm.

Yesterday evening (Wednesday) we had dinner with Les and Chris on “Eleventh Heaven” ………


…………  the sunset was stupendous ……..


…… and so was the fish stew!  (Les was asked to get a bit closer for this shot – so she did. )


This mornings’ journey started dry and, having moored just outside Moore, it wasn’t long before we were passing through this delightful village with its’ quaint character houses with big chimneys ……..


……… and its peaceful tree lined canal ……..


…… and sturdy brick bridges.


Both “Eleventh Heaven” and “Chance” were in need of ‘black water’ pump outs so we stopped at Thorne Marine in Stockton Heath.  What appears to be a very ad hoc arrangement was actually an excellent service.  Apart from the downpour throughout the whole event (and having to turn “Chance” round because the pipe wouldn’t reach!) all went well and we continued our journey to todays’ moorings in Lymm.


Pauline and Neil popped in to see us mid afternoon – travelling by car rather than arriving on nb “Waterlily” this time.  Bringing wonderful home-baked scones with clotted cream and jam, we had a delightful unplanned cream tea ……..


……. before they made off with one of our chairs!


Actually, we’re about to replace the swivel chairs with new ones and they’re taking one for their boat.  Here we are, waiting for Pauline to bring the car round. 


Back to the boat and friends Lyn and Chris (from nb “Niamh”)arrived and, like Pauline and Neil travelled by car, for an  afternoon get together.  As a delightful surprise addition to our little group, Ian and Irene on nb “Free Spirit” called in for a chat and a cuppa.  They’d  had quite a journey today as they’d come all the way from the top of Manchester’s ‘Rochdale Nine’ flight of locks, arriving in Lymm mid afternoon.  Ian, Irene, Lyn, Chris and James enjoying a glass of wine and not the cuppa that Ian and Irene had expected. (and there’s so much more room with only one chair!)


We ended our day by enjoying supper (from Lymm’s very good fish and chip shop) with Lyn and Chris before they returned home.

We’ve had a terrific day in Lymm today – delighted that so many friends travelled to see us. We shall sleep well tonight ready for a very early start tomorrow with nb “Eleventh Heaven”.


  1. Excellent Blog guys. You going into Manch tomorrow?

  2. much wine last night made me forget what you use to write up your blog with before posting. Any chance of reminding me? (: Thanks for a great afternoon and enjoy your get together in Manchester. XXX