Wednesday, 13 August 2014

A Three Tunnel Day

The weather forecast for today was to be relatively good but the skies looked a bit full as we left the flashes at 8:30 this morning.


This was our morning awakening view – things couldn’t be much better really


Not far along (and we can’t remember quite where) we came across a new marina under construction.  For ‘non boaters’ this is what it looks like without any water.  The pontoons are incredibly long in some case – maybe six or seven boats long.  It’ll almost be like linear mooring!


Travelling through the village of Broken Cross, and past its canal side pub of the same name, ……..


…….. we soon passed through the middle of the giant Brunner Mond chemical works.  As an engineer James got a bit of a kick as we pass this conglomeration of steel and belching steam.  The threatening sky is about to deliver its payload ………


…… and, as usual, James gets left alone to steer the boat!


We negotiated three tunnels in fairly quick succession just after passing through Anderton. For non-tunnel geeks once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all but here goes anyway:  This is the slightly wiggly Barton Tunnel …… 


…… this is the really wiggly Saltersford Tunnel, which can only be negotiated at specific times each hour (so you don’t have the embarrassment of having to reverse when a boat is coming the other way) ……


……. and this is the Preston Brook Tunnel (also timed) and, when you get to the other end, you’re on the Bridgwater Canal.  The Bridgwater is deep and wide and hard edged on both sides so it provides easy and speedy cruising.


So easy and speedy in fact that we soon reach our evenings destination and moor up just outside Moore.  So as not to waste the afternoon, Chris decided that Doug could do with some splicing and general rope-work tuition and they both enjoyed an hour or two in the cratch of “Eleventh Heaven”.


After that Chris got himself talked into a couple of jobs on “Chance” (!) before being able to relax for the rest of the day.

We’re all going to eat on board “Eleventh Heaven” this evening with Les providing the main course and Doug making desert.  James and Chris are definitely looking forward to it!

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  1. Looks like we will be passing you at some point. We have the Rochdale nine to do tomorrow before turning onto the Bridgewater at Waters Meeting. I'll be keeping a look out for James's legs (: