Friday, 22 August 2014

Coronation Street

We had an exciting tour round the old Coronation Street set on Thursday.  We’d been many years ago before, in the days before they stopped the public entering.  This time we were able to see all the ‘behind the scenes’ stuff as well.  After the conducted tour we were allowed free range on ‘the street’ for as long as we wanted.


It was a real buzz to walk the same walk that so many famous and iconic people have trodden for so many years.


Rita’s “Kabin” – rebuilt after the tram crash!


We were gasping for a cuppa but they were closed(!) so ……..


……. we tried for a pint, and guess what!

P1050903The massive Beetham Tower even dominates ‘corrie’


In the yard at the back of “the Rovers”.


All the other back yards ………


…….. and the famous ginnel at the back of the yards.


We did eventually get into the Rovers (but still there was nothing on offer).  This is one of only two permanent sets, all the others sets are regularly dismantled and reassembled when needed.

It was a fantastic tour and great to see the ‘Green Room’, make up, costumes and dressing rooms this time but, sadly it will only be around for then next few months.  Granada TV have now moved to Media City and the old site is to be demolished for housing.


In the evening we had a lovely few hours with Doug’s dance instructors, Gordon and  Deborah from our cruise in February on “Oriana”,  who paid us a visit.  It was super to meet up with you guys and hope we’ll meet up again soon.

Yet another grand end to a good day!  Tomorrow is the eve to Manchester’s Pride weekend so it will definitely be burning the candle at both ends for the next few days.

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